Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #43

Science (article): No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning To Bang or Not to Bang, that is the question… Of life. Movies […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #42

Technology (article): Amazon could start dropping off packages inside your home A stranger gets a one-time pass to unlock your door and go in, would you […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #41

Development (article): 100 announcements (!) from Google Cloud Next ‘17 Returning just 2 weeks ago myself from this conference I have to admit that this was […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #40

Art (video): FUNDRAISER: Jazza Studios needs your Help! I enjoy helping others who help others and now it is time to support someone who gives […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #39

Development (article): Moving to HTTPS – migrate from HTTP to HTTPS with ease A step by step guide to help you move your website to […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #38

Sports (article): International Sepaktakraw Federation My new favorite sport! It’s too funny to watch. Environment (article/video): Japan has just invented Robo-bees that can legitimately pollinate the earth […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #37

Science (video): Sonic Boom’ Of Light Captured For The First Time Ever If you ever thought that watching a sonic boom with sound was cool, […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #36

Environment (video): Onions Could Stop Cows From Farting The Planet To Death There are ways to curb cow farts, but does anyone really want milk that tastes […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #35

Maker (video): Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle A quick one day build to turn a simple nerf gun toy into a deadly(in a […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #34

Comics (video): Brian Michael Bendis Talks Marvel’s Secret Wars – Late Night with Seth Meyers My favorite comic book writer talks about creating Marvels Secret […]