Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #2

Video: Who Came Up With Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds? We’ve all learned it takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotate once on its axis […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #1

Podcast: Check out How to Be Tim Ferriss – Featuring Freakonomics from The Tim Ferriss Show Learn about Tim Ferriss from his on Freakonomics interview. Book: […]

Ren and Stimpy weekend doodles

I got inspired this weekend to do a bit of sketching, so I decided to grab a couple characters from one of my favorite cartoons […]

console.time() – The performance debug hotness

console.time('myMethod()'); console.timeEnd('myMethod()'); These two simple lines will help you get to the bottom of your web performance bottlenecks in your timeline. Start tracking: console.time('myMethod()'); console.time() […]

I miss you, come back to me!

It’s not clear, It’s not fair Why did you have to go I miss you, I love you! To see you in heaven, I’ll never […]