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Entries for September, 2016

Maxwell Weekly 7: #17

Environmental (blog): Maybe California’s Water Wars Aren’t as Bad as You Think A different perspective on California’s water worries Science (blog): Scientists Finally Figured Out Why […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #16

Relationships (blog): Science says lasting relationships come down to 2 basic traits An insight into what make great long lasting relationships truly last. Machine Learning […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #15

Animation (video): Animation Challenge – Excitement and Exasperation Get in and join in on the animation challenge to win some impressive free swag: Wacom tablet, […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #14

Computers (blog): For first time, carbon nanotube transistors outperform silicon Carbon nanotube may keep moore’s law alive Machine learning (software): Welcome to Magenta! We’re happy to […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #13

Development (video): Containment: MicroTip #4 – Supercharged Surma explains the brand new CSS containment feature of the web, allowing you to boost your web app’s […]