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Entries for July, 2010

Better Access To The Evernote Trunk on Mobile Phones, iPad and Netbooks

Recently Evernote came out with a great feature called the “Trunk”. This feature is basically an app store for Evernote. Well if you have an […]

Find A Problem On The Web?

This year I have been trying to make a point to¬†participate¬†in making the web a better place. I know there are a lot of tools […]

Getting Focused At Work

Since I started to do freelance full time I have noticed that I can easily get distracted by simple things, like checking social media sites, […]

Starting My First Book: The Evernote Book

Last week I sat down and started to look over websites dedicated to Evernote and realized that my article “100 different Evernote Uses” is still […]