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Entries for January, 2017

Maxwell Weekly 7: #34

Comics (video): Brian Michael Bendis Talks Marvel’s Secret Wars – Late Night with Seth Meyers My favorite comic book writer talks about creating Marvels Secret […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #33

Development (article): Docker v1.13.0 New Docker-compose version, healthcheck configuration, managed API updates, ability to specify an image to use as cache. I’m pretty excited about these […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #32

Development (article): What I Learned Crafting API Definitions for 66 of the Amazon Web Services See what developers actually need to focus on when building out […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #31

Funny (video): HAPPY NEW YEAR! Time to enjoy Mariah Carey Messed Up Performance – 2016 New Year’s Eve Science (video): Scientists Just Discovered A New State Of Water! […]