Andrew Maxwell

Note Driven Development (NDD)

Note Driven Development (NDD for short) is my take on the rubber ducky debugging technique with an added bonus. Before I begin explaining NDD let […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #52

The final one, it’s here. Development (article): Chrome headless So-long Phantom.js and welcome a new standards way of using a headless browser, I hope Edge […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #51

Development (article): npm v5.0.0 Just as I have my team moving to yarn NPM finally releases an update… though it still doesn’t look to solve […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #50

Linux (article): Ubuntu Desktop Team Discuss Their Plans for GNOME in Ubuntu 17.10 Ubuntu is finally leaving behind their unity desktop and moving to Gnome, learn […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #49

Funny (video): Chris Pratt Plays ‘Speak Out’ I watched this video this morning and it made my jaw hurt and put me in tears. Productivity (article): The Best […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #48

Developer (article): Google Assistant SDK I’ve wanted Google Home to be on my laptop for a while, now this can finally happen! Productivity (article): Do vs. Done […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #47

Technology (article): Google Cloud Boss Diane Greene Wants To Be Ahead Of Amazon By 2022 Google is creating and releasing new cloud technology every couple weeks […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #46

Productivity (article): Microsoft to shut down Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do Wunderlist has been around for a long time and it looks […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #45

Science (article): Evidence of Unknown Human Species Found in DNA of Melanesians For the longest time humans thought that there was only 2 species that evolved […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #44

Development (video): ES2018 First Look – it changes everything Dot syntax everywhere! Software (video): New YouTube app UI with pop-up comments Google always experiments and adjusts their […]