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Entries for September, 2010

Google Buzz Idea: Cleaned Up User Interface

I have already written about Google Buzz a lot so I will keep this post simple and just create a easy to read list. (Note, […]

Google Picasa Idea: Remove Albums And Use Labels Instead

While on a walk with my dogs I took some photos with my phone and this got me think about the random, sometimes blurry photos […]

TweetDeck Idea: RSS feeds and Google Reader

I use TweetDeck to get my daily news from Google Buzz, Twitter and Facebook rather than watching the local news on TV. TweetDeck allows me […]

Google Reader Idea: Filter Feeds

I follow dozens of different websites through the use of RSS feeds in Google Reader and each day I can read anywhere from 50-600 posts(some […]

Google Profiles Idea: RSS Feeds

Since Google Profiles is connected to Google Buzz, Google Sidewiki and Google Chat Status updates it would be very handy to have a RSS feed […]

Google Buzz Idea: Employee Verified Profiles For Companies

If Google Buzz is interested in becoming a better communication tool, then I think it would be important for companies to be able to verify […]

Google Buzz Idea: Full Screen Mode

The ability to launch a full screen Google Buzz similar to the newest update to Google Reader. I would love to hit the ‘F’ key […]

New Feature Suggestions For Google Buzz

1: Make it possible to auto @ reply people into a post based on similar topics that you have talked to them about in the […]

What Is The Best Way To Give Real Feature Suggestions To Companies?

One of my goals as someone who works on, plays on and builds websites daily is to give honest feedback and suggestions to companies online. […]

Sorry for the missing articles.

For those of you who follow my blog I am sorry that I have not posted anything in 2 weeks, I have been on vacation […]