Dropping Support For Cheap One-Off Email Newsletters

Aug.18, 2012

After starting a new job, getting married and working on dozens of new projects, I finally have a bit of time to update my site. My first major update will be that as of January 1st, 2013 I will no longer be doing cheap one-off email newsletters. What are cheap one-off email newsletter?: A cheap […]

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Getting Married

Sep.25, 2011

Today is the big day! I will be getting married to my wonderful fiancée Whitney Phu. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you Whitney. I love you and here is to our big day!  

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Website Update: Updated Books Layout

Mar.28, 2011

Have you ever had a personal project that you wanted to do but never got around to it? I’m finally settling into my new job and getting back into working on my personal projects, and the one that I have been wanting to tackle for a while was the layout for the books that I […]

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Top 10 Apps for the Motorola Xoom

Mar.15, 2011

Google Books HW Solitaire Gun Bros Air Attack HD Fruit Ninja HD Graphic.ly Comics Dungeon Defender Angry Birds Evermore Word Feud

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The Motorola Xoom and My First Week

Mar.14, 2011

What a wonderful device. My First Impressions: The device is very responsive and is a wonderful addition to have between my smart phone and desktop computer. While I played around with the Xoom at the Verizon store I was pretty sceptical. The first couple of minutes I had to figure out the device, it came […]

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Email Newsletters, Do They Really Matter?

Feb.22, 2011

For the past few weeks I have been working on Email Newsletters and it got me thinking, do Email newsletters as they currently exist even matter? Many people will answer yes, especially large companies and established bloggers and I do agree to some point, but the way that we currently have to develop HTML newsletters […]

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Evernote for Android Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

Feb.18, 2011

Though this recent upgrade wasn’t as substantial as the one released a few months ago with a completely new UI, this one does bring a very important mobile feature… editing of ALL notes. In the previous version of Evernote on Android and all other mobile platforms you can only edit simple text notes or append […]

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Where Apple Fails, Google Succeeds

Feb.17, 2011

After I wrote yesterdays post regarding Apple’s new subscription model for iOS, Google release their own more powerful subscription model (for everything) called Google One Pass. What is Google One Pass: “It offers purchase-once, view-anywhere functionality, so users can view the content they buy across all of their devices.” Basically this is a subscription service […]

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Has Apple Gone Too Far With The New iOS Subscription Model?

Feb.16, 2011

Yesterday Apple announced a new feature for iOS which allowed apps to setup a subscription payment method. At first this sounds great, it means that news papers can come to the iPhone and iPad and transition into the digital medium, but Apple had to be monopolistic. The Curve Ball: If you read the quotes below carefully, […]

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Why Aren’t Websites Optimized for Larger Displays?

Feb.15, 2011

After writing the post Why Google TV Will Help Websites For People With Disabilities I realized that Google and many companies aren’t optimizing their websites for larger displays, but they optimizing them for tablets and smart phones. I know that the TV/larger display market isn’t as popular for most people as the smart phone market […]

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