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New Idea: QR Codes For License Plates

There are 62 million cars on the road in the USA alone, and all of us around the world who have cars, have a license […]

Android Marketplace Idea: Why You Uninstalled an App

Have you ever found an App that either didn’t work for your phone or just plain sucked on the Android Market? Sure, we all have […]

Idea: Google Reader Checkbox

A simple idea, but I would love check boxes on each Google Reader post so that I can select a number of posts and mark […]

Idea: Using a Browser as a Central Hub

What one piece of software do you use most? If you said your browser then you are in the same boat as billions of other […]

Movie Theater Idea: Streaming Video for Lines

Have you ever had to go to the DMV and before you left, you checked out your local DMV location via the streaming video online […]

Google Form Idea: Pay Per Feature and Pay Per Service

Time to fill out a form! I love the simplicity of Google Forms. It allows me to quickly create an online form with the features […]

My Wishlist for Google Buzz in 2011

Google Buzz has come a long way since it was introduced last February and even though it has come a long way there are still […]

Requested Features for Google Picasa Web

Do you like photos? So do I. Over the past year I have really started to use Picasa Web more often and I would like […]

Google Analytics Idea: Compare to the Beginning

One of the great things about Google Analytics is that you can easily compare stats from the previous day, week or month. One feature that […]

Android Idea: New Apps in Search Results

This is a simple idea, but it would be great to use the main search feature on Android phones to not only search the web […]