Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #9

Development (blog): Why Kubernetes may be a bigger threat to Amazon than Google’s cloud Creating a free piece of software is the best way to […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #8

Development (software): howler.js – JavaScript audio library for the modern web Audio library for the modern web. – howler.js makes working with audio in JavaScript easy […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #7

Environment (video): A Rare Look Inside The Doomsday Seed Vault Deep In The Arctic An inside look of the worlds doomsday seed vault. Development (blog): Why […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #6

Web Development (blog): Tools for debugging, testing and using HTTP/2 To get the most out of HTTP/2 you’ll want to be using an up to date […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #5

Technology (video): The Mill BLACKBIRD The Mill has created The Mill BLACKBIRD, the first fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal CG cars – it’s […]

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” Over the years when you’ve become successful with a given subject, whether it’s work, design, speaking, or even having a […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #4

Interview (podcast): Whitney Cummings on Turning Pain Into Creativity She is executive producer and, along with Michael Patrick King, co-creator of the Emmy nominated CBS comedy […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #3

Containers (video): Hitler uses docker Hitler uses Docker, complains about running in production and references Node.js and Go Lang Programming (blog): Git 2.9 New diff, […]