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Entries for August, 2010

Google’s Search Now Getting More Social

This morning Google gave their realtime search it’s own domain which can be found at If you don’t know what Google realtime search is […]

Wordfeud On Android Gets An Update

Today Wordfeud users get the much anticipated feature of rematches. This may sound like a simple feature, but it really makes playing wordfued that much […]

A New Idea: Audible Sync

I have been listening to a lot of books lately on both my iPhone, Android, desktop, netbook and media center. Being able to listen to […]

Geo-location On Blog Posts

With all of the social media services picking up geo-location I wonder how long it will be before services like Blogger, WordPress and Posterous will […]

Google Buzz: New Use Case

I was thinking today about Google Buzz and how it can be used, and then it hit me. A great use for Google Buzz would […]

Chrome 6.0 Feature: Simple But Effective

Today when I started my computer and launched Google Chrome I noticed a simple orange dot on the wrench. After a few clicks I found […]

Going Geek With QR Codes

I jumped on the geek band wagon and added a QR code on my website. This QR Code links directly to the home page of […]

The Power Of Buzz

I wonder if more people are going to check out Buzz today because of the little post by Today Buzz is actually really showing […]

People Are Not Having Fun With Social Media Anymore

I am pretty bummed today. It seems that people are trying to get more out of social media then a fun tool to interact with. […]

Android App Of The Week – Hyper Jump

This week I started to look into games on my Android phone and I came across Hypher Jump Lite. This game has very beautiful graphics […]

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