Andrew Maxwell

Entries for August, 2016

Maxwell Weekly 7: #12

Photography (video): Drone POV: Soaring Over Iceland’s Rugged Landscape In this short film, the photographic team of Tucker Bowen and Sabine Scherer pairs unique drone footage […]

My Pomodoro Application

Over the past 10 years I have been working on improving just how productive I can be, using many applications and theories along the way. One process […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #11

JavaScript (tech doc): Context | React One of React’s biggest strengths is that it’s easy to track the flow of data through your React components. […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #10

Development (blog): Google Cloud Platform launches Oregon region, Cloud Natural Language API Oregon becoming more important for cloud computing. Drawing (videos) 16 Videos Of Artists Drawing That […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #9

Development (blog): Why Kubernetes may be a bigger threat to Amazon than Google’s cloud Creating a free piece of software is the best way to […]