Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #36

February 09, 2017
  1. Environment (video): Onions Could Stop Cows From Farting The Planet To Death
    • There are ways to curb cow farts, but does anyone really want milk that tastes like onions?
  2. Productivity (article): Free-Form, Card-based Note Taking with Milanote
    • Another Evernote alternative which may help some people be more productive because of the freeform notes.
  3. Games (video): How to go From NOOB to PRO at Minecraft Redstone!
    • I really like to play Minecraft when I get some free time (now that I’m a dad I forgot what free time was). But here are a few samples to improve your red stone skills.
  4. Development (article): Testing Service Workers locally with self signed certificates
    • Learn to create self signed certificates to work with Service Workers locally.
  5. Science (video): There’s A New Form Of Matter That Exists In Four Dimensions!
    • A piece of matter that is always moving in both space and time.
  6. Development (video): Managing packages with Yarn vs Npm – Spacedojo Code Kata
    • Learn how to use Yarn, an NPM replacement for Node.js.
  7. Development (article): The Node.js Foundation Partners with The Linux Foundation on New Node.js Certification Program
    • Node will finally come out with a certification program. I can’t wait to test out my Nod?e.js chops. Maybe my experience handling thousands of concurrent users per second with Node.js can help?

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