Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #41

March 20, 2017
  1. Development (article): 100 announcements (!) from Google Cloud Next ‘17
    • Returning just 2 weeks ago myself from this conference I have to admit that this was my favorite conference that I have ever been to; With great talks, fun booths, and our course all of the new product announcements. Check out this list to get an idea of all of the goods that Google juts announced.
  2. Travel (article): Scoop – Flexible Shared Commuting
    1. My coworker told me about this service and it sounds pretty cool. It only costs him about $5 to go from San Mateo to the East Bay, which would easily be more than $60 with an Uber or Lyft.
  3. Productivity (article): Evernote’s CEO ridiculed Google’s rival as a ‘hobby’ and suggested no-one loves Microsoft
    1. Them be fighting words, but I have to give him credit. No other notes service is as used or as powerful as Evernote and Only OneNote comes close, but it’s an old Microsoft product.
  4. Development (article): Opentable’s Hobknob
    1. An Open Source feature switch project created by OpenTable and is based on Node.js.
  5. Development (article): The “Jack of All Trades” Might Just Be a Master of Big-Picture Thinking
    1. My friend Joe and his journey with NodeSource
  6. Productivity (article): On Minimalism: The Difference Between Focused and Busy
    • Busy is an excuse and it’s one of my pet peeves, personally I try to stay productive and avoid those that like to be busy. This articles goes into detail on how to stay productive
  7. Development (article): The web is swallowing the desktop whole and nobody noticed
    • 13 years ago I jumped on the web bandwagon and damn-it did I make the right choice! Most modern desktop applications are now even being built with JavaScript. Learn how the web is doing this and find out which apps that you use are actually built using web technologies.

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