Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #42

March 24, 2017
  1. Technology (article): Amazon could start dropping off packages inside your home
    • A stranger gets a one-time pass to unlock your door and go in, would you let them? Amazon thinks you will.
  2. Productivity (article): Top 10 Note-taking Apps for 2017
    • Where does Evernote stand in 2017?
  3. Humor (article): Only People With Perfect Colour Vision Can See These Dicks
    • I can’t see every dick, I have a hard time with it on the purple
  4. Productivity (article): On Minimalism: The Difference Between Focused and Busy
    • A key sentence stands out in this article for me: “…the true power of saying no: freeing up time so you can say yes to the things that matter most to you.”
    • I personally hate being busy, it’s a total excuse for actually not getting work done. I personally prefer to be productive and Evernote outlines some key areas on how to make this happen.
  5. Technology (video): Catching a Real Ball in Virtual Reality
    • Disney’s Research Hub are pushing the boundaries of virtual reality and augmented reality and improving a persons ability to catch a call. The person ends up looking like a robot because of how accurate they become.
  6. Development (article/video): Self-driving RC Car using Tensorflow and OpenCV
    • Learn how one man built his own self-driving (remote controlled) car
  7. Development (article): I Don’t Want DevOps. I Want NoOps.
    • Ops gets in the way of development back in 2011, do these issues still hold try? #kubernetes

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