Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #39

March 05, 2017
  1. Development (article): Moving to HTTPS – migrate from HTTP to HTTPS with ease
    • A step by step guide to help you move your website to HTTPS
  2. Productivity (article): On Better Meetings
    • Meetings are the bane of my existence lately, some people just love to have “meetings” to make them appear busy. I personally don’t like being “busy”, I love being productive. Take a look at these 4 areas of focus when attending or holding meetings.
  3. Environment (video): This Floating Gadget Is Cleaning Up The Oceans
    • Plastic and garbage in the ocean is a big deal for me, and someone created this simple gadget which can clean up garbage in the ocean at a very fast pace with little moving parts.
  4. Entertainment (article): Google Takes on Cable With ‘YouTube TV’—40 Channels for $35
    • Google creates YouTube TV for $35 a month for 6 family members
  5. Productivity (article): The Verge: Why I finally replaced Evernote with Bear
    • More people seem to be leaving Evernote for programs that have a simpler and faster UI.
  6. Movies (video): No Good Deed
    • Deadpool is back!
  7. Entertainment (article): How YouTube TV will kill cable
    • YouTube TV is more than just a cable box replacement, it is more of a cable box killer! Your TV always with you, unlimited DVR, same UI as all of your other favorite videos on YouTube, better ads, better metrics for networks. The benefits are very good for all parties, especially us users.

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