Andrew Maxwell

Entries for January, 2010

How to turn your iPad into a powerful computer on the go

Right now many people are complaining that the iPad is just a large iPod touch and that it does little more then the iPod. However […]

Treat your website like a magazine

Recently Paul Boag of Boag World aired a show which discussed how designing a web site should be more like designing a poster. Designing a […]

How to find items in Evernote created on a certain date

Almost everyday I try to find new ways to improve my organizational skills, and this has never been apparent as it is now with the […]

The automated restroom?

I personally love automated items which make our lives easier, especially ones that help with hygiene. So this got me to thinking, over the past […]

New website design for Eve-Online contest

I don’t get to do much website design lately but here is my most recent design that I finished this morning. Next step is to […]

Pros and Cons of switching to Google Chrome from Firefox

Last month I decided to give Google Chrome a try as my main browser, I wanted to see if the new browser had the tools […] in Google Chrome

I am trying out inside of Google Chrome and so far it is pretty nice, the quality is what you would expect from […]

Web developer tools for Google Chrome

It has been nearly a month since I started to use Google Chrome as my main browser, and the more I use it, the more […]

My thoughts on this Conan O’Brien NBC issue

Over the past couple of weeks many have been talking about the change that is happening on NBC’s late night lineup. I personally think it […]

Will Google replace Apple after Steve jobs is gone?

The past few years haven’t been the best for the legend Steve Jobs. He has been fighting pancreatic cancer and due to the cancer he […]