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console.time() – The performance debug hotness

console.time('myMethod()'); console.timeEnd('myMethod()'); These two simple lines will help you get to the bottom of your web performance bottlenecks in your timeline. Start tracking: console.time('myMethod()'); console.time() […]

How to configure Jenkins to run on port 80 with Google Compute Engine Debian OS

So, you’ve just installed Jenkins on your very own compute engine instance but now you want to access it via an easy to remember domain […]

How to add a custom subdomain using Google Cloud DNS

Google Cloud DNS is only available via command line or RESTful API’s so it may seem pretty intimidating when you first look at it, but […]

How to change the timezone on Google Cloud Debian Virtual Machines

Here’s a nice little snippet for you. If you’re like me and have started using Google Compute Engine then you may run into a scenario […]

Top 10 Apps for the Motorola Xoom

Google Books HW Solitaire Gun Bros Air Attack HD Fruit Ninja HD Comics Dungeon Defender Angry Birds Evermore Word Feud

The Motorola Xoom and My First Week

What a wonderful device. My First Impressions: The device is very responsive and is a wonderful addition to have between my smart phone and desktop […]

Email Newsletters, Do They Really Matter?

For the past few weeks I have been working on Email Newsletters and it got me thinking, do Email newsletters as they currently exist even […]

Where Apple Fails, Google Succeeds

After I wrote yesterdays post regarding Apple’s new subscription model for iOS, Google release their own more powerful subscription model (for everything) called Google One […]

Has Apple Gone Too Far With The New iOS Subscription Model?

Yesterday Apple announced a new feature for iOS which allowed apps to setup a subscription payment┬ámethod. At first this sounds great, it means that news […]

Why Aren’t Websites Optimized for Larger Displays?

After writing the post Why Google TV Will Help Websites For People With Disabilities I realized that Google and many companies aren’t optimizing their websites […]