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Entries for May, 2017

Maxwell Weekly 7: #51

Development (article): npm v5.0.0 Just as I have my team moving to yarn NPM finally releases an update… though it still doesn’t look to solve […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #50

Linux (article): Ubuntu Desktop Team Discuss Their Plans for GNOME in Ubuntu 17.10 Ubuntu is finally leaving behind their unity desktop and moving to Gnome, learn […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #49

Funny (video): Chris Pratt Plays ‘Speak Out’ I watched this video this morning and it made my jaw hurt and put me in tears. Productivity (article): The Best […]

Maxwell Weekly 7: #48

Developer (article): Google Assistant SDK I’ve wanted Google Home to be on my laptop for a while, now this can finally happen! Productivity (article): Do vs. Done […]