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Evernote for Android Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

Though this recent upgrade wasn’t as substantial as the one released a few months ago with a completely new UI, this one does bring a […]

Using Evernote To Flush Out A Script

A few months ago on 11/1/10 while at the bank I spoke with a banker who loves to come up with script ideas, and this […]

Requested Features for Google Picasa Web

Do you like photos? So do I. Over the past year I have really started to use Picasa Web more often and I would like […]

100 MORE Evernote Uses

This has been a wonderful year for me, and I wanted to give you all a holiday gift. Since you liked the first 100 uses, […]

10 Tools to Manage Your Digital Content

Here is a list of 10 tools to help manage your digital content. The great things about these products is that they are allĀ FREE and […]

Why You Should Use a RSS Reader

The sheer amount of content is growing, thousands of websites launch each day and the days of visiting your favorite sites are over. A few […]

Evernote: The Best Bookmarking Service

Evernote released a new feature in June for their Google Chrome extension, where they show you all of the notes that you have clipped on […]

Google Picasa Idea: Remove Albums And Use Labels Instead

While on a walk with my dogs I took some photos with my phone and this got me think about the random, sometimes blurry photos […]

Google Reader Idea: Filter Feeds

I follow dozens of different websites through the use of RSS feeds in Google Reader and each day I can read anywhere from 50-600 posts(some […]

New Feature: Connect Buzz Comments

I get a lot of feedback from my blog posts, most of it doesn’t come from this website, but rather from Google Buzz.