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Entries for February, 2011

Email Newsletters, Do They Really Matter?

For the past few weeks I have been working on Email Newsletters and it got me thinking, do Email newsletters as they currently exist even […]

Evernote for Android Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

Though this recent upgrade wasn’t as substantial as the one released a few months ago with a completely new UI, this one does bring a […]

Where Apple Fails, Google Succeeds

After I wrote yesterdays post regarding Apple’s new subscription model for iOS, Google release their own more powerful subscription model (for everything) called Google One […]

Has Apple Gone Too Far With The New iOS Subscription Model?

Yesterday Apple announced a new feature for iOS which allowed apps to setup a subscription payment┬ámethod. At first this sounds great, it means that news […]

Why Aren’t Websites Optimized for Larger Displays?

After writing the post Why Google TV Will Help Websites For People With Disabilities I realized that Google and many companies aren’t optimizing their websites […]

New Idea: QR Codes For License Plates

There are 62 million cars on the road in the USA alone, and all of us around the world who have cars, have a license […]

Android Marketplace Idea: Why You Uninstalled an App

Have you ever found an App that either didn’t work for your phone or just plain sucked on the Android Market? Sure, we all have […]

A New Website to Help Students learn

I have quite a few posts lying around and instead of letting them collect dust while I try to write a great article, I am […]

Idea: Google Reader Checkbox

A simple idea, but I would love check boxes on each Google Reader post so that I can select a number of posts and mark […]

Viewing Museums from the Comfort of your Home – Google Bringing Museums to Us

Today is a big step forward for art lovers around the world. Google as teamed up with some of the most famous art museums around […]