Andrew Maxwell

My Wishlist for Google Buzz in 2011

January 06, 2011

Google Buzz has come a long way since it was introduced last February and even though it has come a long way there are still some additional features that I would like to see.

Features That I Want:

  • Google Buzz replacing comments in Google Reader
  • Google Buzz replacing comments in Picasa Web
  • Google Buzz API replacing entire current system of Google Groups
  • Images, video and audio being able to be posted in comments
  • Google Docs able to be shared into Google Buzz
  • Upload a video to Google Buzz like we can with images
  • Having a functional load more button that continues to load for how ever long I press the button (maybe it can load a new page for each day?)
  • A better search system (Advance search features)
  • Google Buzz running on a standalone site
  • All of the features of Google Buzz available on Google Profiles and Google Buzz static URL’s (Reshare, edit, auto complete @replying)
  • Mark post as read, sometimes I want to temporarily mute a post out of my stream so that I can focus on the newer posts and there is no way at the moment
  • When I follow someone, their information is actually saved into my contacts into a group labeled “Buzz”
  • Buzz will release a dedicated HELP section outside of Gmail so that users can actually find information
  • Google Buzz adds lists
  • Google Buzz adds saved searches with live feeds
  • Google Buzz fixes the issue where I can’t reply to email posts on my Android using Gmail and multiple email address
  • Google Adds analytics to Buzz posts and comments
  • Google adds translation so that we can actually communicate with other languages
  • Google builds a full Android app for Google Buzz

There are a few other features that I would like to see, but I am going to see if I can build my own Google Buzz client with those features.

What features do you want to see?

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