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Google Buzz Idea: Full Screen Mode

The ability to launch a full screen Google Buzz similar to the newest update to Google Reader. I would love to hit the ‘F’ key […]

A New Idea: Audible Sync

I have been listening to a lot of books lately on both my iPhone, Android, desktop, netbook and media center. Being able to listen to […]

Geo-location On Blog Posts

With all of the social media services picking up geo-location I wonder how long it will be before services like Blogger, WordPress and Posterous will […]

Google Buzz: New Use Case

I was thinking today about Google Buzz and how it can be used, and then it hit me. A great use for Google Buzz would […]

New Ideas for Evernote

Buzz Discussion After my two previous articles I’ve found that I love writing about the ideas I come up with for someones product. Whether it […]

The automated restroom?

I personally love automated items which make our lives easier, especially ones that help with hygiene. So this got me to thinking, over the past […]

Technology for Education

One of my passions is to bring technology to the class room, giving each student the same opportunity to succeed. After I posted my article […]