Andrew Maxwell

Google Form Idea: Pay Per Feature and Pay Per Service

January 10, 2011

Time to fill out a form!

I love the simplicity of Google Forms. It allows me to quickly create an online form with the features I want, for Free.

This free price however comes at a price, the form is branded by Google and there are a few features that I would like the ability to remove.

Features that I want:

  • Paid Features – I would like the ability to pay for a non branded form so that it fits better with my website.
  • Disable the Title – To be able to disable the title of the form. I normally have a page on my website with the same title so the form title can be redundant.
  • Stat’s Widget – A easy to copy and paste a nice stats widget
  • Custom Themes – Allow me to change the theme by using HTML/CSS
  • Labs – Add a labs section for Google Doc’s which adds new beta features
  • More Fonts – Add in more web fonts to choose from, from the Google typography –

What features do you want when creating a form?

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