Andrew Maxwell

Idea: Using a Browser as a Central Hub

January 25, 2011

What one piece of software do you use most? If you said your browser then you are in the same boat as billions of other people in the world.

Phones right now have a way to ping a server to get updates, iPhone does it through the apple servers, and Androids do it from Google, so why Can’t browsers act the same way. What I mean is that a lot of times it takes users to refresh a website in order to get an updated feed or comments but what if the browser allowed you to do this automatically like our phones?

I know that some websites can update automatically, such as Buzz, and Gmail, but what if every website was able to do this?

What I want is a way to eliminate server calls.

Dedicated Feeds Built into Our Browsers:

What if we had all social media going to (just an example), all RSS feeds going to etc. This would make it possible for all social media feeds to be updated within a single call to a continuous running server, rather than 3 calls if you use 3 social media services, or 7 calls if you use 7. This small change could eliminate milliseconds to minutes of time that it takes you complete a single task.

Why Do This?

Our phones do this to save battery power, but if we used it for the desktops we could save time which will in turn save time, energy and frustration. This could make people a lot more productive with a simple change to where you call the information from.

Google Buzz is on the right track with this by allowing users to bring in Twitter, RSS and Buzz feeds, but I think we could take this a step further to process all websites.

We wouldn’t need one company to be able to house this single call, we just need a way for a browser to call these feeds.

A way that this could work is by signing into your browser and connecting all of your feeds to your browser, similar to what we do with our smart phones. By doing this, all a website would need to do is call to and the browser would know to change to or (replacing the word browser with the browsers dedicated server address.

I know this sounds really complex right now, but it would make the browser more like a central device or hub than just a portal to a destination.

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