Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #49

May 12, 2017
  1. Funny (video): Chris Pratt Plays ‘Speak Out’
    • I watched this video this morning and it made my jaw hurt and put me in tears.
  2. Productivity (article): The Best Way to Organize Evernote: Use Tags
    • I use a decent number of tags within Evernote, one of my favorite tools, learn how you can use them too!
  3. Productivity (article): G Suite product roadmap reveals Google Calendar web redesign, scheduled for late 2017
    • Google Calendar is FINALLY getting a makeover, check out what other features it is getting.
  4. Movies (video): Absolutely Anything Trailer #1
    • What would you do if you had the power to do anything?
  5. Development (article): ES6 Modules in Chrome Canary (M60+)
    • I love ES6 modules and I can’t wait to use them in the browser without other tooling… It’s coming. I still remember using AMD’s back in the early 2000’s
  6. Development (video): Microsoft Build 2017 keynote in 8 minutes
    • The new Microsoft just keeps getting better and better. More linux love and better use of users history.
  7. Linux (video): Deepin 15.4 – See What’s New
    • Deepin linux has a very clean UI. This is the first time I have heard about Deepin. I hope by me sharing this article more people find out about it and try to switch over to linux for their desktop.

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