Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #44

April 08, 2017
  1. Development (video): ES2018 First Look – it changes everything
    • Dot syntax everywhere!
  2. Software (video): New YouTube app UI with pop-up comments
    • Google always experiments and adjusts their UX to be better for users and I think this pop-up comments section does just that. It’s clean, it gives comments a better focus, and will allow for more dedicated features in the future.
  3. Development (article): Google Container Engine fires up Kubernetes 1.6
    • Kubernetes continues to be one of the most contributed open source projects in the world and with over 5,000 commits in Kubernetes 1.6 with dozens of major updates, these are now available on Container Engine.
  4. Animals (video): GIANT SCREAMING FROG!
    • This giant frog sounds like a cat meowing
  5. UX (video): Introducing Thumbs | Netflix
    • Netflix improves their user experience by moving away from a 5 star rating and switching to a thumbs up/down model.
  6. Star Wars (video): Rogue One: A Star Wars Story “Designing the U-wing”
    • 781 designs for ONE space ship on Star Wars
  7. Fashion (video): Silicon Valley’s Favorite Shoe Company Has Some New Kicks | WIRED
    • I have the Allbirds wool runner shoes and they are extremely comfortable, as soon as these new shoes became available I had to order them.

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