Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #45

April 14, 2017
  1. Science (article): Evidence of Unknown Human Species Found in DNA of Melanesians
    • For the longest time humans thought that there was only 2 species that evolved together, now it appears to be 3 different species.
  2. Personal (podcast): Episode 29 – Challenging every day tasks at GoPro with Andrew Maxwell
    • I was interviewed for the people of tech podcast talking about how I got started in development and what I do at GoPro as a software engineering manager
  3. Energy (article): California is getting so much power from solar that wholesale electricity prices are turning negative
    • The united states is finally making ground on its promise to using 100% renewable energy and I hope this trend continues to spike upwards.
  4. Productivity (article): 5 Cool Ways to Use the Touch Bar With Evernote
    • Now if only I had the new Mac Book Pro with the touch bar….. Hint.. Hint.. Wife!
  5. Science (video): We Can Now Grow Human Bones From Stem Cells!
    • Stem Cells can do a lot these days and scientists are continuously finding new uses, now we can grow real human bones form our own DNA
  6. Cars (video): Ford built a baby bed
    • Does your baby love the car seat and only falls asleep when you drive? Ford created a baby bed which mimic the sound, vibration, and even the street lights so that your little one can sleep at home.
  7. Virtual Reality (video): Speak to Go: Explore the world with your voice
    • Google created a new Web VR experiment for your mobile device to transport you anywhere in the world that you want to go.

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