Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #51

May 29, 2017
  1. Development (article): npm v5.0.0
    • Just as I have my team moving to yarn NPM finally releases an update… though it still doesn’t look to solve the major issue of uninstalling/reinstalling the same modules over and over again for a clean development environment
  2. Development (article): Istio: a modern approach to developing and managing microservices
    • A new tool built by Google, Lyft, and IBM to help you manage your microservices on Kubernetes
  3. Productivity (article): The Collector’s Fallacy: Why We Gather Things We Don’t Need
    • Digital hoarding is a thing, and I even have a small case of it…
  4. Development (article): Windows switch to Git almost complete: 8,500 commits and 1,760 builds each day
    • Microsoft continues with their open source movement and are almost done porting over all Windows development to Git
  5. Drones (article): DJI’s $499 Spark is the company’s cheapest and tiniest drone yet
    • This little drone looks pretty sweet, and the price-tag isn’t bad either. We love going on short day trips with our son but we are stuck lugging around his diaper bag so every extra ounce is precious. Thanks to the size of this drone it is something that could easily go on trips with us.
  6. Productivity (article): Why James Comey’s Obsessive Note-Taking Is A Smart Strategy For Surviving Difficult Bosses
    • Obsessive notes come in handy, They; State the facts, get buy-in from your boss, gain clarity when priorities shift, remind others of their commitment, and provide context.
  7. Development (video): DevTools: State of the Union 2017 (Google I/O ’17)
    • Another year, more great tools thanks to Paul Irish and team. Node debugger, screenshots, and better console output.

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