Andrew Maxwell

A New Idea: Audible Sync

August 24, 2010

I have been listening to a lot of books lately on both my iPhone, Android, desktop, netbook and media center. Being able to listen to my audio books where ever I am is great, however one thing that Audible is lacking is the ability to sync up all players.

Imagine being able to listen to a book on your Android phone then switch to your work computer then to your netbook at home without skipping a beat. This is one thing that Audible can not do, however if they setup a streaming service then they could have a service similar to how Pandora is setup.

Audible setting up a streaming service would open up a new market to them as well as giving their current users some added benefits. With the new streaming service they would be able to setup a subscription fee for books that the users “rent”. The users would rent the books for half price because they would not “own” the books. This would give the avid readers who do not care about owning a book a way to save money while still being able to read the books they love.

Would you want to have all of your Audible players sync up? Would you prefer the subscription service or do you like the way that it is now?  Let me know, maybe this could make its way to Audible and maybe they would add this feature.

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