Andrew Maxwell

Geo-location On Blog Posts

August 23, 2010

With all of the social media services picking up geo-location I wonder how long it will be before services like Blogger, WordPress and Posterous will incorporate geo-location into their services.

I don’t travel to often so this feature would be very static for me, but for companies like Mashable, New York Times or other online based news services this could be very valuable.

Imagine reading the New York Times or Mashable and being able to view related articles in your part of the country, state or even city? I would love to read a news website where I am able to find information about what is going on around where I live.

This little feature would also make business related blog posts more relevant. If there was a layer on Google Maps where I could see blog posts for different cities then I would also be more inclined to check out new companies. This would also be a HUGE market for Google to get into because, they would be able to offer better targeted ads to companies.

If you could geo-locate your blog posts would you?

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