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Android Bug: Large Text Box Jumping

Help me track down a Android or Evernote bug! I first thought this was a Evernote issue, but now I am not sure. I thought that this was an Evernote bug since I have some long notes that I edit and when I went to edit the end of the note, the note would jump […]


When Technology is Killing Communication Skills

Why do people suck at writing emails? Everyday I get emails from companies, clients, friends and even family that are lacking in a lot of basic verbal and writing skills. Mainly this comes in the form an Emails. I get emails with one to two word subjects and the body of the email is just […]


Idea: Using a Browser as a Central Hub

What one piece of software do you use most? If you said your browser then you are in the same boat as billions of other people in the world. Phones right now have a way to ping a server to get updates, iPhone does it through the apple servers, and Androids do it from Google, […]


Educational TV In 2010? Where Did It Go?

When I was a kid there was a lot of TV shows which were focused on making learning fun for kids, such as; Bill Nye The Science Guy, Mr. Rogers, School House Rock, The Magic School Bus, Under The Umbrella Tree, Lamb chop, Barney, Dumbo’s Magic Circus, Winnie The Pooh (The one where people were […]


Using Evernote To Flush Out A Script

A few months ago on 11/1/10 while at the bank I spoke with a banker who loves to come up with script ideas, and this got me to thinking about all of the script ideas that I have written over the years. I have a few dozen scripts started and I realized that all of […]


My First HTML5 Labs Test

A few months ago I wanted to teach myself HTML5 so recently I decided to take a poster and recreate it online using only HTML5 elements. HTML 5 Elements that I Used: <!doctype HTML> <header> <canvas> Images using SVG items rather than a .jpg or .png <footer> The Poster that I Replicated: You can see […]


Movie Theater Idea: Streaming Video for Lines

Have you ever had to go to the DMV and before you left, you checked out your local DMV location via the streaming video online and as soon as the the line was short you left for the DMV? Imagine if you could do this for movie theaters. Movies like Star Wars and Avatar were […]


Reading Content on a Digital Device

Do you read on a digital device? I read in the area of 100 blog and web posts a day. I use the content online as my daily news resource instead of watching tv or reading a news paper. I read articles on my office desktop, my netbook, my living room tv, and Android phone, […]


Google Form Idea: Pay Per Feature and Pay Per Service

Time to fill out a form! I love the simplicity of Google Forms. It allows me to quickly create an online form with the features I want, for Free. This free price however comes at a price, the form is branded by Google and there are a few features that I would like the ability […]


Google Buzz’s Holiday Bug and How To Fix It

During the holiday’s this year users started to see posts show up in their inbox stating that the post has been updated, once the user opened the Buzz post there was no new comment or update. What’s happening here is that the Google Buzz algorithm thought that a good comment was spam and marked it as such. […]

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