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Reading Content on a Digital Device

January 11, 2011

Do you read on a digital device?

I read in the area of 100 blog and web posts a day. I use the content online as my daily news resource instead of watching tv or reading a news paper. I read articles on my office desktop, my netbook, my living room tv, and Android phone, these are all great devices to read on, but nothing has been the perfect fit for me.

I read most of my articles in Google Reader but sometimes I have to finish the article or related post(s) in a full browser because there is either flash videos or because the website doesn’t share the full content in their RSS feed.

What I am wondering is, what is the best device?

Is it the iPad, the Archos tablet, the HP slate, the Samsung Galazy tab, a netbook or a full  PC?

What digital device do you use to read books or digital content?

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  1. Boss Jo

    good info !. thanks for sharing.

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