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Technology for Education

One of my passions is to bring technology to the class room, giving each student the same opportunity to succeed. After I posted my article […]

Free time to Surf the web

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I and many others like myself don’t get to play around and simply surf the web like […]

Windows 7 Backup Success

Last night at about 10pm I was finally able to make my first successful backup using Window 7’s built in backup software.  After over two […]

100 Different Evernote Uses

Take a photo of your contacts measurements and save them to your personal notebook. Makes ordering your next pair easier. Take a photo of the […]

Backing up with Windows 7

For the past month or so I have been having troubles backing up my computer using Windows 7’s built in backup and restore utility as […]

Sharing my Bookmarks

I use the web everyday as a web developer, usually working at one of my two jobs or posting on twitter. I tend to come […]