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Viewing Museums from the Comfort of your Home – Google Bringing Museums to Us

Today is a big step forward for art lovers around the world. Google as teamed up with some of the most famous art museums around the world and has combined Google Street View with a 7-gigapixel camera to give every person around the world the possibility to view these museums and their works of art. […]


My First HTML5 Labs Test

A few months ago I wanted to teach myself HTML5 so recently I decided to take a poster and recreate it online using only HTML5 elements. HTML 5 Elements that I Used: <!doctype HTML> <header> <canvas> Images using SVG items rather than a .jpg or .png <footer> The Poster that I Replicated: You can see […]


YouTube Idea: Fitted Video Player

Camera phones are now able to record in HD video, and more people are recording content and uploading it you youtube everyday. This is great for watching more videos, but this brings up a new issue. Some videos are in landscape mode which looks great on websites, but now some videos are also taken in portrait […]


Added Better Page Navigation

Continuing with the goal of making my personal website easier to use, I have changed my page navigation from “Previous Post” and “Next Post” to displaying page numbers. Now you can actually know what page you are on and how many pages of content is left. Be sure to check out my site often as […]


Why Google TV Will Help Websites For People With Disabilities

One of the things that I’m passionate about is trying to make websites for everyone. Not just the majority of us that can see, hear, and touch just fine, but also for people who have trouble doing the activities that we take for granted. I just read Google’s blog posts “Optimize a site for Google […]


Google Chrome Cleans Up Their UI Even More

This feature came out a while ago but I wanted to make sure that others knew about it, Google Chrome has combined their two drop downs into 1(one), giving users even more room on their browsers window for extensions and the omnibox (search box). This is pretty impressive because even though Google Chrome combined two […]


New Feature: Connect Buzz Comments

I get a lot of feedback from my blog posts, most of it doesn’t come from this website, but rather from Google Buzz.


Bend The New Text Editor From Microsoft

Microsoft recently created a new text editor called Bend. This may sound of little importance but take a look at some of these screen shots, the thing looks pretty slick, especially coming from Microsoft. This text editor looks different than other editors with its minimal design and better font rendering. I personally don’t know if […]


Hippo Remote Profile – Totem Movie Player

A few weeks ago I built a media center PC using Ubuntu 10.04, an old PC and some free open source software. I was able to turn the old pc into a powerful media center without spending a cent. Now that I have used the media center for a while I started to look for new […]


New Buzz Post Static Link

One of the goals for the new blog design and layout was to bridge the gap between Google Buzz and this blog.

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