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My thoughts on this Conan O’Brien NBC issue

January 14, 2010
Over the past couple of weeks many have been talking about the change that is happening on NBC’s late night lineup. I personally think it is pretty low what NBC is doing just to keep Jay Leno. Jay Leno had a great run on the Tonight Show and the show was rightfully handed over to Conan, but Jay didn’t want his show to end, so instead of bowing out gracefully Jay has turned to NBC and they gave him his own show. Giving Jay his own show not only made the new companies upset which are their paid advertisers, but it killed thousands of jobs in the process, by canceling shows.Now 7 months later NBC is now talking about pushing back the Tonight Show until 12:05am so that Jay can have his show during his old time slot. Not only will this effect other shows such as the Tonight show and the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, it will also change the time slow that the tonight show has been running on for the past 60 years…. All for Jay Leno. I think Jay needs to see what he is doing and notice that him not wanting to retire or move to a different time slot is now screwing up the lives of thousands of people and a tradition.

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