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Pros and Cons of switching to Google Chrome from Firefox

January 17, 2010
Last month I decided to give Google Chrome a try as my main browser, I wanted to see if the new browser had the tools and options I needed for website development. Since I started using Chrome I came across a list of Google Chrome extensions for website development.
Below you will find the pro’s and con’s of switching to Google Chrome:

Pros to switching to Chrome

  • Start up speed
  • Page speed load times
  • Javascript execution speeds
  • Works better for Google products
  • Built in search engine into the URL bar
  • Google’s Speed Tracer tool
  • Sandboxed plug-ins
  • Sandboxed tabs
  • Sandboxed extensions
  • Evernotes web version actually works in it
  • Streamlined interface
  • Easy to use home page
  • Coding for Chrome means that the site will work for iPhone and Android phones and safari
  • Doesn’t crash very often
  • Is new to the browser market so it adds some new features that users are looking for
  • Able to pin tabs to open everytime, easier then adding multiple home pages in firefox
  • Built in application shortcuts
  • Extensions can be added, removed or updated without the browser needing to restart
  • Extensions are built using HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Built in bookmark and history sync
  • Easy to find items that you search for within a page (the find feature) with the highlighted locations on the scrollbar
  • built in hot keys for hiding and showing the bookmar toolbar

Cons to switching to Chrome

  • Less people use it, smaller market share
  • Doesn’t have firebug extension (no longer an issue, extension came out since starting use)
  • Doesn’t have pixel perfect extension
  • Doesn’t have yslow extension
  • Doesn’t have developer toolbar extension (Most tools in the developer toolbar are replaced by multiple extensions)
  • I am use to using Firefox (no longer an issue)
  • Firefox Has been around for a few years
  • Unable to do a full screen capture of a website with extensions¬†(no longer an issue, extension came out)
  • Unable to not save all data automatically (no cookies, history, downloads, etc (small issue))
  • Unable to control sessions¬†¬†(no longer an issue, extension came out)
  • Limited right click menu, no “copy email address”, no “properties for images” etc.
  • Runs multiple processes in the task manager all labeled “Chrome”, it would be nice if they were labels something more useful, like “Chrome:” which would be the name of the tab.
The list for the con’s may seem like a lot, however each month more useful extensions come out for Chrome and each one more powerful then their alternatives on Firefox. I permanently have switched to Chrome as my main browser and I don’t see me switching back to Firefox any time soon.

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