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Will Google replace Apple after Steve jobs is gone?

January 05, 2010

The past few years haven’t been the best for the legend Steve Jobs. He has been fighting pancreatic cancer and due to the cancer he has taken some time off to heal. While taking his time to heal it left many people wondering “What will happen to Apple once Steve Jobs is gone?”. No one really knows. Everyone does know that no ONE man can replace him. Steve Jobs did what many could only hope for, he took a dying company and within a few years turned it into a lifestyle. He managed to have give us iPod’s, iMac’s and world changing iPhone.

I personally think that Steve Jobs will stay working and a part of Apple until the day he dies. I feel that he lives and breathes that company, which is why it is so successful. But… one company will come in after him and they will fill his shoes, not with one man, or with one women but with a group of the smartest and most creative people in the world, and that can only be Google.

Google created a search engine over a decade ago that was simple, plain and gave it away to their user for free. This motto still shows itself in every product Google creates today. Gmail changed the way many perceive emails, Google Reader brought us the sites that we love to read, Chrome gave us the fastest and cleanest browser, and the Android operating changed the software we use on phones. Though Google may not have been the first to create these tools, they did however bring it to us in a way that we want; easy to use, open and free.

The world is changing and as technology grows many people want more for less, and the one company that is already doing that is Google.

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  1. Angel

    Well, look who wondered onto the website when the the store slowed down!?! I went looking for the Rose Quarter site you did and lo’ and behold looky-looky what I found?

    Didn’t I just ask you about Apple today? Scary…

  2. Darrell Blackwood

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