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How to turn your iPad into a powerful computer on the go

January 28, 2010

Right now many people are complaining that the iPad is just a large iPod touch and that it does little more then the iPod. However after taking a look at the processor and the capabilities I can see a easy way to turn your iPad into a powerful mobile machine.

Using the Logmein ignition app you can terminal into your main machine (Mac or PC). This will allow you to use all of your regular programs like photoshop and Microsoft word, without having to carry around your heavy laptop.

What makes the iPad perfect for this is that most of the time when you go to a meeting needing a  computer, you don’t really have to type that much, most of the time you will be looking at a document or a web page (at least in my case). Having the iPad will make meetings that much more interactive, because your customer/client will be able to hold the iPad and get a closer look at those web pages or documents.

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