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WiFi Direct And The Dawn Of A New Home Theater System

There were many different technologies that were supposed to help eliminate clutter for our home theater systems, such as: Infrared, Bluetooth, HDMI, Wireless HDMI(WHDMI), WiDi and Wireless USB but to be honest nothing has totally eliminated clutter. These technologies have only made it harder to choose a home theater system that just works. On Monday […]


Code Comment Examples

Over the years that I have been programming I have come across and even used many variations of comments. Below you will find examples of different code comments. /* i am the walrus */ /* === GLOBAL SETTINGS === */ /* GLOBAL SETTINGS —————————– */ /* GLOBAL SETTINGS ============================= */ /* ==[ Global Settings ]== […]


Google Fails Again When It Comes To Adding Google Buzz To Its Own Products

Ok, so I am kind of upset at Google right now. Google finally adds sharing support to Google moderator but they left out the most important social network….. *again*. Google Buzz is still not integrated into sharing on some of their tools when it should be the first one to be integrated in my opinion, […]


Links of the Week 11-9-09 to 11-16-09

Here is a blog post that I wrote almost a year ago today, but never published. Instead of letting this information sit on my server I decided to share it just in case someone else might find it useful. I come across many links everyday while working in the web, some I find when looking […]


Using Robots And Technology For People With Special Needs

Going over my Google Reader I found the article “Five Therapy Robots Helping With Alzheimer’s, Autism & Cancer” on Geek Beat TV and when I read the article just now I had to share it. I think that it is important to see technology and specifically robots being built for the good of humanity, because […]


Added Better Page Navigation

Continuing with the goal of making my personal website easier to use, I have changed my page navigation from “Previous Post” and “Next Post” to displaying page numbers. Now you can actually know what page you are on and how many pages of content is left. Be sure to check out my site often as […]


Why Google TV Will Help Websites For People With Disabilities

One of the things that I’m passionate about is trying to make websites for everyone. Not just the majority of us that can see, hear, and touch just fine, but also for people who have trouble doing the activities that we take for granted. I just read Google’s blog posts “Optimize a site for Google […]


My Review Of GetGlue.com

A few months ago, I stumbled acrossed the service getglue.com. At first I thought that the service was overwhelming and that I would never use it, well a few weeks ago I decided to give getglue.com another chance and now I’m hooked. Now that I engage in more activities such a writing, reading and listening […]


Did Dinosaurs Get Hit By Tornadoes?

Something that many of you might not know is that I love Dinosaurs, and have since I was a little kid. This morning after watching a Dinosaur TV special I started to think… Did Dinosaurs ever have to worry about Tornadoes? Central United States was very animated when it came to Dinosaurs millions of year ago, […]


Evernote: The Best Bookmarking Service

Evernote released a new feature in June for their Google Chrome extension, where they show you all of the notes that you have clipped on a website. At first this sounds pretty basic, but let’s look into it a little further.

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