Andrew Maxwell

Google Buzz Idea: Cleaned Up User Interface

September 30, 2010

I have already written about Google Buzz a lot so I will keep this post simple and just create a easy to read list. (Note, many of these ideas already exist on Google Buzz, they are just buried or available using other Google products)

  • Bringing following and follower count front and center, as well as last 5 most recent followers. (Right now this is just a link, but it would be nice if ¬†there was a section dedicated to this like on the new Twitter)
  • Add a link to edit our Google Profile. (Apparently all profiles on Google will start using information from the Google Profiles, so this will be added. I found out about this from Google Picasa)
  • Allow users to create lists of users so that we don’t miss posts from people we care about. (Right now I have to use Google Reader to do this)
  • Have a link to show all posts that I have created (we have this on Mobile, but not the desktop)
  • A link to show all posts that I favorite/like. (we can do this with quick links, but it needs to be easier to do)
  • Allow us to save favorite searches (we can do this with quick links, but we need a way to easily save them)
  • A link to show all posts of mine that have been re-shared and by whom.
  • Show trending topics (or include a updated feed of new posts from users which update every X seconds/minutes)
  • Add suggested followers for users who is already following a bunch of people (I never get suggested people to follow)
  • Link to a Buzz only blog.
  • Link to the Buzz help forum
  • Link to the Buzz moderator forum
  • Link to Picasa where I can see all of my shared photos from Buzz.
  • Link to YouTube where I can see all of my shared videos from Buzz.
  • A Link to Buzz Settings. Going into Gmail settings is an extra step that isn’t really needed. (Buzz settings should be on Google Profiles)
  • A link to Buzz only hotkeys.
  • Basically remove the mix/mash of Gmail of Buzz

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