Andrew Maxwell

Google Profiles Idea: RSS Feeds

September 18, 2010

Since Google Profiles is connected to Google Buzz, Google Sidewiki and Google Chat Status updates it would be very handy to have a RSS feed icon for each feed as well as a RSS feed group which contains all feeds. This would make it possible for you and I to send people to our Google Profile in order for people to follow our online feeds. It would also be very useful it we could connect different RSS feeds from services that we use and have those feeds connected to the RSS group on Google Profiles.


I have my own blog and I use services like, etc which all have their own RSS feeds. If I was able to link these sites and services to Google Profiles and have a link to “Follow All” so that others an get a stream of everything I do then that would be great.

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  1. Linda Lawrey

    I absolutely WANT an RSS feed for at LEAST each Google Profile. Now that Reader will be discontinuing “discover” of page changes where there is no Feed, this is going to cripple my ability to stay with just one product (Reader)

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