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Problems With Google Buzz

Over the past couple of months I have truly fell in love with Google Buzz, which I am sure you are aware of with my previous articles. That being said there is still room for improvements.


How To Save Google Buzz Posts To Read Later

If you use Google Buzz right now you will notice that there is no Star feature like there is in Gmail or a way to save a post to read later. Well I found a simple solution using Evernote.


Google Buzz Etiquette

I worked out some basic Buzz Etiquette yesterday. If you have any other suggestions please add it to the comments below.


Free Project Planning Software: Wireframes and Flow Diagrams

Over the past few years that I have been doing freelance work I have come across a handful of tools which allow me to create wireframes,  flow diagrams and general project plans. Most of these tools are free, but tend to give you a limited number of features. April 12th 2010 this has all changed.


Google Buzz: Started Sloppy, But Working Hard To Change

Since Buzz came out 2 months ago they have been trying to make Buzz the tool that their users want.


Posting Game Status Updates to Google Buzz

The past few weeks I have been using Google Buzz as my main social media outlet, trying to find new ways to help improve the service along the way. Currently the main features I see in Google Buzz are: post status updates/Buzz posts, share website/blog updates, RSS feeds from Google Reader, Twitter updates, images and […]

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