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How To Save Google Buzz Posts To Read Later

April 22, 2010

If you use Google Buzz right now you will notice that there is no Star feature like there is in Gmail or a way to save a post to read later. Well I found a simple solution using Evernote.

Steps in Evernote:
Step 1. – Make sure you have your custom Evernote email address address turned on and saved in your Gmail Contacts. It will look something like this
Step 2. – Create a new notebook in Evernote called “Buzz”.

Steps in Google Buzz:
Step 1. – Find a Buzz post that you like, or one that you would like to read later.
Step 2. – Click on the “Email” link under the post to open the Email editor.
Step 3. – Enter your custom Evernote email address into the “To” field.
Step 4. – In the subject line include “@Buzz” after the subject of the post don’t include the quotes
Step 5. – Make any notes that you want regarding the post (if any)
Step 6. – Click the “Send” button

Finished. – Your done. Now you’re able to come back and look at the Google Buzz post when it is convenient for you.

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