Entries for May, 2010

How I Buzz

I have been asked by a few people how I use Buzz. I created this document so that people can reference and use it to help them with Buzz. Below you will find screenshots and methods that I use to help me with Buzz. All important items are highlighted in red.


New Ideas for Evernote

Buzz Discussion After my two previous articles I’ve found that I love writing about the ideas I come up with for someones product. Whether it is for my projects or just a site I use, I just love the creative thinking of looking at something and thinking of ways of how I would make it […]


Problems With Google Buzz Mobile

In response to the positive feedback that I got from my previous article, from both Buzz users and the Google Buzz Team, I decided to explore the mobile version more and give my opinion on it as well. Below you will find things that I think could be ironed out further to make the mobile […]

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