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Problems With Google Buzz Mobile

May 06, 2010

In response to the positive feedback that I got from my previous article, from both Buzz users and the Google Buzz Team, I decided to explore the mobile version more and give my opinion on it as well. Below you will find things that I think could be ironed out further to make the mobile version pop.

  1. @replying is unknown who it will go to (can we get a popup to allow us to choose?)
  2. After making a post the screen pops down a few posts causing confusing to the last post you were on.
  3. If someone posts pictures I would like a pop up or a new window to view those images larger
  4. There is no way to view the static URL for a post
  5. There is no way to mail a post, something similar to google reader mobile would be nice
  6. Unable to add an image to a post, what about the option to choose an image from picasa?
  7. We need the ability to email using the body of the email and not the subject, that way we could post images on the go.
  8. We need more advanced search features, like by date, time, poster name, comment by, has images, from X source
  9. Unable to edit posts or comments
  10. Hard to copy and paste text
  11. We need to be able a time stamp on a comment, a toggle option would the best option.
  12. When viewing a new follower there should be a link to go back (I know there is a back button in the browser so this is low on my list)
  13. We need a way to view new followers separate from the following tab. This also goes for the main Google Buzz.
  14. A way to quickly show users that are following you that are not being followed by you and ones that you are.

These items are in no particular order, they are only numbered so that they can be referenced for easier commenting.

I find that the mobile Buzz version is a little more reliable when viewing unread items and when using it on a regular basis. A big thanks goes out to Punit Soni and the mobile Buzz team for creating a solid mobile version.

Update 8:50am 6/12/10:

  • Add the re-share button
  • An option in the “Menu” To Show Mentions. It could just be the simple search query of
  • A map to view all of “My Posts” similar to how Evernote shows your Geo-located posts

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