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A New Website to Help Students learn

I have quite a few posts lying around and instead of letting them collect dust while I try to write a great article, I am going to be sharing the information mixed in with my other posts. I found this website while trying to find a way that I could get involved with helping students […]


Viewing Museums from the Comfort of your Home – Google Bringing Museums to Us

Today is a big step forward for art lovers around the world. Google as teamed up with some of the most famous art museums around the world and has combined Google Street View with a 7-gigapixel camera to give every person around the world the possibility to view these museums and their works of art. […]


Educational TV In 2010? Where Did It Go?

When I was a kid there was a lot of TV shows which were focused on making learning fun for kids, such as; Bill Nye The Science Guy, Mr. Rogers, School House Rock, The Magic School Bus, Under The Umbrella Tree, Lamb chop, Barney, Dumbo’s Magic Circus, Winnie The Pooh (The one where people were […]


Technology in the Classroom, Where Should Kids Focus

Kids are the most important thing in this world. With technology now playing a key role in our lives, what area of technology should kids focus on next? Loading… I will let this survey run until the end of the week. Photo by: osakasteve


My Review of Google eBooks

I’ve been using Google eBooks for a few hours now, on both my Android phone and netbook and it is very easy to use. I love that I can quickly and easily turn on my phone, read a few pages of a book and turn off my phone. I can then, instantly go to http://books.google.com/ebooks […]


Technology for Education

One of my passions is to bring technology to the class room, giving each student the same opportunity to succeed. After I posted my article on 100 Different Evernote Uses I had the website connectedadmin.com write about Evernote and then link to my article.

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