Andrew Maxwell

My Review of Google eBooks

December 06, 2010

I’ve been using Google eBooks for a few hours now, on both my Android phone and netbook and it is very easy to use. I love that I can quickly and easily turn on my phone, read a few pages of a book and turn off my phone. I can then, instantly go to and view “my books” choose the book that I was reading and I am at the exact spot that I just left off at from my phone. This definitely is a great use of the cloud. The only downside of Google eBooks so far, is that The Android app is missing a few features, but I am sure that this is because it is still new.

Missing Features on Google eBooks app:

  • Landscape viewing
  • Dictionary
  • Notes
  • Bookmarking (though the instant syncing is nice, just for reassurance)
  • An easy way to share about the book you’re reading.

Strengths of Google eBooks over Amazon Kindle:

  • Easier to find books in my opinion
  • Easier to get to my library
  • Simple!
  • Instant syncing from phone to web is nice
  • I can buy a book from multiple retailers, not just one
  • The Google eBooks website is very simple, whereas the Kindle Website is crammed packed into the Amazon website layout
Google eBooks Amazon Kindle

This new tool from Google is exactly what we needed for education. Only being able to get some titles from Kindle or Apples Book store is stupid and will hurt our educational system, books should be available to everyone, anywhere, and I think that the way Google setup Google eBooks is the best route.

What are your thoughts? Would you use Google eBooks?

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