Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #11

August 17, 2016
  1. JavaScript (tech doc): Context | React
    • One of React’s biggest strengths is that it’s easy to track the flow of data through your React components. When you look at a component, you can easily see exactly which props are being passed in which makes your apps easy to reason about. Occasionally, you want to pass data through the component tree without having to pass the props down manually at every level. React’s “context” feature lets you do this.
  2. Google Cloud Platform (blog): Building immutable entities into Google Cloud Datastore
    • Google goes over why you might want to use immutable entities, and their approach for implementing them on top of Cloud Datastore. Google uses Google Cloud Datastore as their primary database for all of the applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.
  3. JavaScript (code): avajs/ava
    • New JavaScript test runner for Node.js and frontend JavaScript.
  4. Science (blog): To Your Brain, Audiobooks Are Not ‘Cheating’
    • People will tell you that listening to an audiobook is cheating and is not the same as reading a book. Science proves that theory is wrong and your brain doesn’t know the difference.
  5. JavaScript (blog): Internationalization in React
    • A walk through on how to internationalize your application using React
  6. Evernote (blog): How to Use Evernote with Google Calendar for Maximum Benefits
    • If you follow the GTD methodology then you probably use the crap out of Evernote and Google Calendar. Here are some tips on how to improve your workflow.
  7. Science (blog): FDA approves Zika-fighting genetically modified mosquito
    • Man has found a way to hopefully curb or stop the Zika virus using genetically modified mosquitos.
  8. BONUS – Baby Maxwell (thought): How Will I Be as a Father
    • My wife is officially in her third trimester, these are my thoughts:
      • Will I be able to handle my anger when he cries
      • Will I be home enough to show him that I love him
      • Will he like/love me
      • Will he look up to me
      • Will he grow up to be a better man than me
      • Will he want me to be around when he gets older
      • He’s coming soon and I have never felt so much joy just waiting for him to come out
      • I haven’t met him yet but I know that he will mean everything to me

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