Andrew Maxwell

Why YouTube Should Offer a Larger Movie Selection

December 10, 2010

I’m addicted to movies!

I can easily watch 5-20 movies in a single week and thanks to streaming movies online, my addition has only gotten worse.

There are many great places to stream videos online;, Netflix and but none of them are as popular or feature rich as

YouTube is a video service that most of the world uses, but it could be made into a better service by offering a larger selection of movies.

Why YouTube Would be Great for Movies:

  • Watch the videos on any device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Linux, Google TV)
  • Supports both Flash and HTML5 video elements
  • Quickly choose the quality of your videos
  • Buffering is based on video quality
  • Comment on a specific movie so others can read
  • Social media sharing capabilities, linking back to the original video
  • Interactive advertisements
  • The largest audience of video viewers
  • Similar/Suggested videos for every Movie (this would make it possible for find similar movies or user generated videos based on the movie you are watching)
  • Streaming a video from YouTube is seamless and fast
  • YouTube could make money from user subscriptions for movies

Overall there are a lot of reasons why YouTube should get into the Movie streaming business. To check out their current movie section go to, to check out their TV selection go to or check out their rental store

If YouTube offered a larger movie library, would you prefer to use YouTube or another service? If so, which service would you use?

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